About Community Mediation Services

CMS was founded in 1988 under the leadership of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA) and a group of diverse community leaders in Central Ohio. Our Mission: is to prevent the harmful effects of unresolved conflict by providing and teaching respectful, state of the art conflict resolution strategies that allow disputants to resolve their differences while preserving their critically important personal and professional relationships. CMS’s courses are approved for continuing education credit for a number of professions and have been developed in cooperation with the CBA based on the agency’s 30-plus years of hands-on, real world experience providing many hundreds of individuals, families, neighborhoods and organizations with successful dispute mediation services.
CMS’ open classes are currently being provided on-line, on Zoom. To register on-line course participants will be need to set up an account on Thinkific, where they will use their email as their username and a password of their choosing. This account will then allow registrants to pay for classes on line as well as access course materials. For more information or to register a group by phone, please call CMS at 614-228-7191, ext. 10, or send an email to info@communitymediation.com.